The sales portal was inspired by a series of Sysco catalogs, sales and training materials we designed. It solves the problem of over 30 territory sales managers creating dated stock lists in various formats. Our solution provides branded download ready materials which reflect inventory currently available in 72 Sysco regions.

We developed a program to generate branded regional catalogs in a matter of minutes from a list of product inventory numbers for a particular Sysco region. The brochure builder portion of the site allows users to create brochures by selecting products from an inventory database (with customization and sending options). Brochure Builder allows reps the ability to create a relevant leave-behind and quickly close a sale.

Users can create and download inventory-accurate catalogs and brochures easily and simply. Since launch, the site has saved the company annual print costs, marketing department labor costs (to create 72 stocking guides and custom brochures), printing and inventory costs, and time to close sales. Our efforts have helped to save the company over $100K alone in print costs. 

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