Project Management

A graphic designer's roadmap

How to create a design brief.

A design brief is a roadmap for charting a successful course in any project. A key reference for designers and design managers, the brief should contain the main points of focus and goals the project should achieve.

The better the information presented in the design brief, the better the value received from the designer. A good design brief would ideally contain the following:

The Company
Leave nothing to assumption. Provide a brief business summary and history. Where’s the company headed?

The Market
A concise evaluation of the company’s product or service with respect to the competition. What has brought about a need for this project?

The Purpose
State the main objective of the project and need for designer involvement.

The Message
What are the expected vehicles for communicating the marketing message (i.e. direct mail, advertising, PR, etc.)

The Task
In what context will the message be communicated? Cover specific items to be included (i.e. text, images, art, colors).

The Audience
Who is this message targeting? What is the demographic profile?

The Objective
What are the specific (measurable) goals of the message?

The Budget
A fair and realistic number should balance the value the client has placed on the project on the one hand, with the investment of the designer’s time and experience on the other. (So, who’s on first?)

The Deadline
Include milestones for consultation, creative, production (including alts), and delivery.

The time invested in developing a thorough brief will save time and money in making sure everyone is on the same page, and everyone reaches the destination sought in record time.

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