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Maximizing your website's potential

A prospect will typically spend an average of 3 minutes or less visiting a website, prior to making a decision. And only 1% of visitors will ever fill out a form or engage in some way.1 What is the best way to maximize this 3 minute opportunity and encourage your visitor to make contact?

I recently read a book by Justin Page Wood called "Minimalist Website Strategy" that has some interesting takeaways. Websites should contain the following key features (especially true for professional firms):

Call-to-action (CTA). If you enter a restaurant and are confused about how to place an order, pick up an order, or get assistance, you may abandon the experience. Similarly, a website needs to offer a clear and welcoming process. The primary objective of your website should be to get visitors off the browser and into a conversation with you. Add a clear CTA on every page, and give your prospects an easy way to make contact.

Attract. Who is your ideal prospect? Do a great job of explaining your niche or business focus on the homepage, and your prospect will be more likely to explore what you have to offer. Craft an introductory sentence to appeal to your target audience and place "above the fold" on the homepage. What do you love to do and do really well? What are your profit centers? Where do the answers to these 2 questions intersect? Voila! (It should be this simple.)

Showcase. So, if your prospect has made it past the homepage to your Portfolio or Team page, they are likely interested and want to know more about your firm. On these pages, you want to reinforce your CTA, and showcase either your very best work (think niche), or best quality photos of each team member with information describing relevant experience, unique qualities, etc. (depending upon the type of firm).

Highlight. About 15% of visitors will view a Services page.2 Prospects who have landed on your services page are typically interested in your firm based on previous page content, and will ideally make a bee-line for your contact form. A services page should reiterate your niche statement and CTA, briefly describe your 3 main services (think most profitable), and include at least 1 great photo. A services page should drive interested visitors to your contact form.

Contact. A contact page for professional firms typically performs at about 1% unless prospects are prompted to take a specific action. This page should contain information about what to expect when they do submit a form. Consider including about 3-7 questions to make sure prospects are a good fit for your business, posing questions that reinforce your niche.3 After a form is received, respond quickly to schedule an appointment (perhaps automating this process), or redirect after submission to a scheduling tool like Acuity or Calendly, inviting visitors to get in touch with you right away.

It is recommended that every website page for professional firms have a clear CTA that resonates with ideal prospects and makes it quick and easy for them to connect, typically via a contact form. Your client onboarding process should be clear and welcoming and this process should be reflected on your website. Remember, you only have about 3 minutes to make the connection!

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1–3 Wood, Justin Page. Minimalist Website Strategy. JPW Design Studio, 2020.

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