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A winning social media strategy

Audit. Target. Measure. Repeat.

As with any undertaking in life, consistency yields results. No matter how insignificant at first, small achievements eventually payoff.

A successful social media strategy will help you maintain consistency. Make sure your plan is sustainable by concentrating your efforts around a few key areas to reinforce your brand and grow your audience. Here are a few tips to help maximize impact:

  1. Audit the content you have already posted to determine which ones performed well. Post performance should align with content goals, and all posts should be on brand. Which posts resulted in new followers? Outperforming content helps expose your brand to a new, interested audience. Underperforming content may indicate that your posts are out of sync with your authentic voice. Make sure posts are relevant to increase engagement.
  2. Follow your competition. Follow successful brands. What is the reach and engagement of successful posts in your industry? Measure the success of your posts against theirs. Is there room for improvement? Leverage your unique offerings to gain an advantage.
  3. Target your ideal buyer. What are their basic demographics and content preferences? Relevant content should perform well among your target audience on the right platform, and not all platforms are a great fit for your audience and content. Spend time and resources on platforms that best serve your brand and audience.
  4. Schedule content with a big-picture approach. Create a calendar to help visualize and organize strategy. Identify best post times and repurpose content for each platform. Glean ideas from industry trends, events (industry and social), popular topics, and interactive content.
  5. Measure the results of all your efforts to create a strategy with longevity. Review content approximately every month. How well did posts contribute to overall content goals? Check awareness (impressions and reach), engagements (reactions, comments and shares), and conversions. Make accurate adjustments over time by measuring success against content goals.

A solid strategy will outperform sporadic posts. Establish specific goals, create a relevant message that aligns with your goals, and distribute to the right audience on the right platforms at the right time. Your social media marketing plan may take some time to germinate, but proper nurture and cultivation will eventually yield a rich harvest!

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