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Do you have a social media plan?

Seven steps to a successful campaign.

Every social media campaign should consist of several elements in order to be successful. Here is an outline to help your team create and execute a social media plan that gets results.

  1. Set measurable goals. What are your marketing goals? What is the call to action? How will you measure the effectiveness of the campaign? Establishing goals will set your campaign up for success. Whatever the campaign (i.e. promoting an event, offering a white paper or download, launching a webinar), the desired goal should be clearly articulated so results can be measured.

  2. Select social media channels. Where should the campaign be promoted? What content should be feed to each channel? Each channel has a purpose and specifications for content. Select channels that benefit your brand and engage the right audience. Understanding the role each channel will play in your campaign is critical to success.

  3. Create a content calendar. How often will you post? Chart your course with a calendar for posting. Consider what days and times to post for maximum exposure, and develop messaging and imagery to foster engagement. Generally, two to three times per week is a good rule of thumb with thoughtful consideration to content. Creating a theme or post categories can help keep elements aligned and focused. 

  4. Create branded graphics. Creative and imagery should undergird your message and support your campaign goals. Posts should be regular, branded, attractive and confirm to social media platform guidelines. Check out the Sprout Social up-to-date guide to social media image sizes.1

  5. Schedule posts. Bring everything together with a social media management tool. You may have heard of Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Buffer which have become industry-standard and are very good choices, but did you know that there are over 500 social media tools to suit every need and budget? Check out this exhaustive list.2

  6. Respond and follow-up. The long-term success of any campaign depends upon you. Be present and respond promptly to inquiries. Social media management tools can be helpful for setting alerts, keeping team members on task and making sure all inquiries are addressed. Follow-up to continuously engage your audience (i.e. update followers on the progress of a recent event).

  7. Analyze and make adjustments. Review analytics to gauge progress. What posts had the highest engagement and why? What could you have done differently? Did the post timing have an effect on visibility? What type of content scored the highest? Knowledge is power and you can use it to your advantage for the next campaign!

Although every campaign is unique, the steps involved in developing a successful campaign strategy are predictable. Establish actionable goals, plan a calendar, create content to support your goals, schedule posts, respond to inquiries and make adjustments for even greater success. 

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