Project Management

Do you read me?

Successful Client-Designer Communication.

How well a design problem is solved depends greatly upon how well the designer and client communicate. It’s up to the designer to ask the probing questions, and the client to present as much relevant information as possible. How can this communication process be made smooth for the client and designer? It all begins with a few key questions:

  1. Who is the target market? The most important aspect of any project is the audience the client is attempting to reach. Your creative solution should speak effortlessly to this crowd.
  2. What is the business? Understand the industry, product or service. How does the client wish to position themselves in this market? What are they selling? What are the goals of the business? What are the goals of the project? All good questions that only the client, and some careful research, can answer.
  3. What are the expectations? Setting guidelines for what the client expects from the designer and what the designer expects from the client as far as communication, deadlines, materials, costs, etc. will lay the groundwork for a successful project and successful working relationship.

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