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Gain traction with Twitter

How to harness Twitter in everyday marketing.

Reinforce your brand. Add a follow button to your website and recent feeds. Complete your Twitter profile and add a professional shot to make the best impression. Promote your @username address wherever your logo and other advertising appears.

Consider content. Have an opinion. Developing a strong Twitter presence helps build momentum. Write for your particular market. Address common industry concerns or questions. Educate, inform, and entertain. Give them a reason to follow you.

Connect with other users. Follow people you find interesting, people you know, and people in your field or business community. Acknowledge those who follow or mention you. Mind Twitter etiquette by avoiding abbreviated texting language and remember to thank users for Retweets and recommendations.

Join the conversation. Join industry related conversation and connect with hashtags like #shopsmall. Engage your audience with promotions or ask questions to invite feedback. Discover points of interest by Tweeting alongside followers in real time. Talking to people directly can help develop relationships.

Theme your tweets. Create a Twitter theme for each day of the week to help eliminate guesswork and aid consistency. Calendar upcoming seasonal or industry events and plan how you can incorporate them into a Twitter campaign. Events help to develop interest and engage. Post information your followers would find useful. Build momentum with a new sales or product launch. Twitter exclusives attract followers and Retweets.

Twitter is a powerful tool with the potential to reach millions of people in real time. Get noticed, build relationships, and connect with new people, all for 140 characters or less! Twitter is really just another facet of marketing your business, and a cost-effective one at that!

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