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Get the most out of Instagram in 2022

Four ways to make the Instagram algorithm happy. 

Instagram is continuously making algorithm adjustments to deliver the best user experience. Recent 2022 changes may affect how much exposure your posts receive. The more informed you are about how the app will prioritize feed, the better positioned your company is to create a successful Instagram campaign. Here is a summary of the top updates:

  1. Instagram Feed. Posts are ranked by five main user interactions: likes, comments, time, saves and profile taps. The more likely the user to engage in these five areas, the more likely your post will appear in user feed, and the more heavily your post will weigh on Instagram's scale. Every user interaction is monitored and content is served based on the probability of engagement.
  2. Instagram Reels. Similar to posts, reels are prioritized based on expected level of user interaction; the greater the probability of engagement, the higher the priority. In addition to the five main interactions, key indicators specific to reels include re-watches and completion rate. Create concise reels that will inspire or entertain. Experiment with camera effects and filters. Make sure your videos are high-quality, relevant, and original. Share, caption and hashtag reels to your main feed to encourage discoverability.
  3. Instagram Stories. Stories are prioritized based on account rather than content. Regularly share stories that encourage engagement (i.e. pose a question, post a survey, etc.), and include a Stories sticker to boost ranking.
  4. Explore Page. While Instagram Home Feed is comprised of content from followed accounts, Explore feed consists of new account content. Since the Explore page algorithm goal is to serve high ranking, relevant content, the best way to optimize is to share posts that will inspire interest with well-crafted captions and hashtags.

Understanding what Instagram deems worthwhile is critical to social media campaign success. The Instagram feed algorithm has shifted from a model that favors timeliness to one that favors interest. Original content ranks higher than recycled (i.e. watermarked TikToks) or shared content. More time spent on fewer, thoughtful posts will likely give your feed more exposure, acquire new traffic, and encourage engagement. Utilize Reels as part of a strategy for growth as they consume more real estate on the Explore page. Write captions to provoke conversation, ask followers to share their thoughts, or to take action. Choose hashtags and keywords to appeal to the right audience.

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