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LinkedIn Best Practices

How to maximize time spent on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has 675 million users monthly with an eye on creating, maintaining and fostering business relationships.1 Employers search for top talent, job hunters research companies, marketers target new leads, connect with colleagues, establish a niche, and even further their education. It is the marketing potential of LinkedIn that I am most often asked about and how a business can maximize this powerful social space.

LinkedIn is the top social network for business and career advancement. Shared content is industry focused making it easy to follow and connect in ways that are purposeful and worthwhile. Business can benefit from powerful lead generation, relationship development and a brand-building approach to establish credibility and niche authority. 

Here are four best-practices for any individual or business to help maximize time spent on LinkedIn: 

  1. Blank is bad. Taking advantage of all available real estate will help an individual or business maximize exposure. All information should be complete, clear, concise and correct, including identity, banner images, etc. Craft descriptions and keywords to make them your own. Blank is bad as it will likely be viewed as a negative. This is an opportunity to really shine! Be creative, highlight your achievements, list your specialties, update regularly, post often, like and share. 

  2. Establish competence. Endorsements and recommendations will help you stand out. Solicit from those who know you well and be sure to return the favor. Select top work samples to demonstrate mastery in a particular field. Company pages should engage visually with proper branding and imagery. Post to promote a specific skill or strength. 

  3. Reach out. Follow-up on LinkedIn with connections made offline, and with those who have viewed your profile. Increase page views by visiting other’s pages. Stay top of mind with posts, articles and updates that will inspire and engage. Utilize Sponsored Advertising and InMail to target a specific market. Drill down by company size and job title to reach your ideal profile and demographic. A LinkedIn ad can reach 12% of the world’s population and Sponsored InMail has a 52% open rate average.2 Review metrics to consistently hone your campaign for increased momentum.

  4. Join in. Groups offer a way to connect with a like-minded audience, but be selective. The more focused the group the more relevant the conversation. Join the discussion, offer advice, seek counsel and make connections. LinkedIn is all about networking and groups help to create and foster ongoing relationships. 

LinkedIn is boundlessly powerful for business. It is estimated that over 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. 40% of the 675 million monthly users use LinkedIn daily.1 In addition, over 30 million companies are listed on the platform.3 Whatever your professional or business goals, LinkedIn offers ever increasing opportunities to develop connections, generate leads, expand your network, increase exposure and make a right impression. 


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